Pet Therapy Posts

On this page, B.A.R.C.C. members will post experiences and observations from our many therapy visits and events.  This will give you a look into the volunteer world of pet therapy and the wonderful benefits for both our teams and their clients.

4 thoughts on “Pet Therapy Posts

  1. Oreo and I visited our friend at an assisted living facility today. She was happy to see our friend and laid on the floor in the room for about 1 hour. I think she knows how to tell time, because in exactly 1 hour, she was ready to move and wanted to walk around and visit a few other people. Now she’s passed out on the couch at home – guess visiting wears her out!


  2. Sounds like Oreo had quite a day. This blog thing is awesome Lynne. excellent idea and a lot of fun Can’t wait for more stories and pictures


  3. Hey, Think I might have finally been able to get into the website. Lynne this is really great and I can’t wait to post something. Pat L.


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