Dog Safety Programs

Dog Safety Teams at Richmond Elementary

Dog Safety Teams at Richmond Elementary

During April and May, our teams are scheduled to present our Dog Safety Programs in the elementary schools.  This spring, we are visiting schools in Beaver Dam, Mayville, Theresa and Merton.  Here is a photo from our visit this past week to Richmond School, where Marge runs a R.E.A.D. program.  We gave our program to 2 Kindergarten classes and each child was able to meet Oreo and Libby to practice how to approach a dog.  Fun!

Summer School R.E.A.D.

In June, our teams will begin volunteering at local summer school locations.  The children who participate will read to our dogs once or twice a week during the 4-5 week session.  The schools are always delighted to see the therapy dogs come in the door because we bring the love of reading to the children.  The 15 minutes the children spend with the dogs enhances their reading education during the summer so that they have a positive reading experience over the long summer break.

April Events

Happy April, everyone!  With the completion of most of our R.E.A.D. programs for the semester, this month kicks off the Dog Safety season for B.A.R.C.C. Therapy Teams.  Education about how to behave around animals is one of the purposes of our therapy group.  The grade schools willingly allow us to give short programs to introduce our therapy dogs to each child.  Following a short video or demonstration, each child is invited to “practice” how to approach a dog and interact with it.  Since there is such a demand for this service, our schedule of safety sessions will probably extend into the month of May.