Successful Evaluations!

Five of our BARCC teams (dog and handler) were re-evaluated this past Saturday for Intermountain Therapy Animals registration.  All five teams passed with flying colors!  Our teams are required to be tested every two years to be sure the handler and animal are still providing excellent service to the people we visit. There are many things to remember for both handler and dog.  The dog must remember basic commands such as sit, down, stay, come, leave it, walk and stop.  He or she must also be ok with rough petting, noisy people, wheelchairs, walkers, brushing and examination by a stranger (the evaluator).  The handler must remember to protect and advocate for the dog, know how to approach someone in a wheelchair, teach others how to approach the animal and continually interact appropriately with groups of people.  It’s a little nerve wracking, but it’s a group effort to participate in the evaluation scenarios and encourage the teams.  Congratulations to Diane and Camper, Bob and Kona, Lynne and Oreo, Darlene and BaileyRose and Dar and Betty Boop!


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