R.E.A.D. At Local School

Our team was at a local school yesterday, and wanted to share the remarkable changes in all the children that read to us.  They came in all smiles with so much enthusiasm.  Their improved confidence while they were reading, self-correcting during a story, and even were initiating on their own discussing each story.

Somehow it all had a positive effect on us as a new team, it was so enjoyable!  One of our members works with these children in between our team visits to improve their reading skills, and it definitely showed yesterday.

As we were leaving, the children were outside for recess.  They all yelled their good byes enthusiastically to my dog who definitely wanted to run to the crowd, but we weren’t sure it was allowed!

Visiting at the Nursing Home

Recently a couple of our Pet Therapy teams visited at a nearby Nursing and Assisted Living Facility.  Here is what they reported:

Mary and I had a long hour visit at the facility today.  Everything was perfect. We met outside and our dogs got acquainted and even met a lovely couple outside.  I think we visited with 12 to 14 people and Mary saw many people she knew and relatives who were happy to see her and Scooby. 

Scooby’s wagging tail and charm were a delight to all. A great afternoon.”

I guess this says it all!

New Pet Therapy Teams

This month, B.A.R.C.C. had the pleasure of evaluating 4 new dogs for pet therapy.  These new teams will be active in the R.E.A.D. program at local grade schools, 4H programs and upcoming Stress Relief on college campuses. As some of our dogs grow older, they are less active in B.A.R.C.C., so we are thrilled to have younger therapy dogs on our roster.  Anyone interested in learning more about B.A.R.C.C. and the training process for handler and pet are encouraged to attend one of our fall B.A.R.C.C. meetings at St. Paul Church in Mayville, WI on Saturday, October 14th and Saturday, November 11th.  Meetings start with fellowship and sharing at 12:30 and official business at 1 PM.