De-stressing College Students

Recently, four BARCC therapy teams visited an area college right before finals. It wasn’t unusual to see 50 students in the room gathered around the dogs.  We observed students petting, photographing, laughing, talking about their own pets and taking their minds off the next day’s finals.  What a rewarding two hours as the dogs did what they do best – giving their love!

Hospital Visit

The rewards of pet therapy are great, sometimes very moving.  An employee at the hospital motioned Daisey & I to come into her office today.  We must have spent 20 minutes with her, while she was petting Daisey and explaining that she had just lost her husband a couple of month’ s  ago from cancer.  It got quite emotional and I think she just needed to talk to someone who wasn’t involved in it.  This conversation all started when she asked how Daisey’s health was, since she is 11 years old.  I explained briefly about her bout with cancer last year and that opened her up.  Later on, when we were about to leave the floor, she came & gave me a hug and final pet to Daisey, saying she just had to get some things out & how much better she felt.  I know we “did good” today!  Days like today, make you realize why we do the training, the bathing and all the other things we do to keep ourselves & fur friends ready.