Dog Safety Galore

Pet Safety with OreoDuring the month of May, BARCC members are extra busy presenting dog safety programs to 4K, 5K and Primary school students.  Because summer is almost here, it’s a good time of year to remind the students how to safely approach any dog and how to handle a situation where an unfamiliar dog comes near them.  In this photo, a 4K student is asking permission to pet Oreo from Oreo’s owner.  After that, she will slowly extend her fist for Oreo to sniff and will then gently pet her.  The students also learn how to behave around aggressive dogs, mother dogs with their pups and dogs that are injured or frightened.  They learn the body language of dogs and how to determine whether a dog is safe, friendly or should be avoided.  It’s so special to see how this knowledge translates into their behavior in the school hallway with the dogs (they ask permission!) and their respect for the dogs in general.

More College Visits

University Stress ReliefThree BARCC therapy teams visited a local community college recently to greet the students as they prepared for finals.  Our visit was a huge success with dozens of students stopping in to pet the dogs and talk about their studies.  Here are the three dogs who participated – Alaska, Oreo and Betty Boop.