R.E.A.D. Sessions Begin

October is a very busy month for BARCC Therapy Teams.  In addition to our work in nursing homes, hospice, group homes and hospitals, the R.E.A.D. season begins.  Reading Education Assistance Dogs is a program that enables school children to read one-on-one with a trained therapy dog and handler to increase literacy, confidence and the love of reading.  This month, we are starting our fall R.E.A.D. programs in 5 different locations – Parkview Primary in Mayville, Randolph School in Randolph, St. Katharine Drexel School in Beaver Dam, St. Mary’s School in Mayville and Theresa Learning Community in Theresa.  Two other locations, Merton School in Merton and Richmond in Sussex are currently getting organized.  With the addition of 3 new R.E.A.D. teams and one more in training, we can expand our reach to more schools and bring the magic of R.E.A.D. dogs to more students.

Next Page Workshop Coming Up

Darlene and I are working hard on our Next Page workshop to be held Wednesday, September 24th at noon.  This workshop is for BARCC members who have taken the R.E.A.D. Basic Workshop and are ready for additional training.  The cost of the workshop is $30, which includes a manual, but no food.  Please bring a beverage of choice.

Visiting Today

Oreo and I visited our friend at Clearview today.  She was excited to go to the facility and laid down in my friend’s room for about an hour.  I’m not sure who taught her to tell time, but in exactly 1 hour, she was ready to walk around and visit other people.  Now she’s asleep on the couch!  I guess visiting wears out the 8 year old!

Pet Therapy Posts

On this page, B.A.R.C.C. members will post experiences and observations from our many therapy visits and events.  This will give you a look into the volunteer world of pet therapy and the wonderful benefits for both our teams and their clients.