Hospital Visit

The rewards of pet therapy are great, sometimes very moving.  An employee at the hospital motioned Daisey & I to come into her office today.  We must have spent 20 minutes with her, while she was petting Daisey and explaining that she had just lost her husband a couple of month’ s  ago from cancer.  It got quite emotional and I think she just needed to talk to someone who wasn’t involved in it.  This conversation all started when she asked how Daisey’s health was, since she is 11 years old.  I explained briefly about her bout with cancer last year and that opened her up.  Later on, when we were about to leave the floor, she came & gave me a hug and final pet to Daisey, saying she just had to get some things out & how much better she felt.  I know we “did good” today!  Days like today, make you realize why we do the training, the bathing and all the other things we do to keep ourselves & fur friends ready.

Rewarding Experience

Pet therapy is a rewarding experience but sometimes, the reward doesn’t come right away.  I am the site evaluator for B.A.R.C.C.  I was conducting an evaluation in Fond du Lac recently.  As I was presenting our mission and goals to the staff & their clients, I was looking around at everyone and realized that I knew one of the clients from a facility that I and my pet, Daisey, use to visit on a regular basis.  That facility closed and their clients moved to other locations.  When I asked her “do you remember me?”, she replied “I remember Daisey”.  This was at least 2 years ago and it was so rewarding to hear that this individual still remembered our visits.