Training & Evaluations


Our dogs are evaluated every 2 years to be sure that the handler and partner still remember the commands and behavior necessary to be a pet partner team.  Some of the situations our teams encounter are loud, disruptive and distracting. We must maintain complete control of our dogs during our volunteer visits and every reminder is helpful. Our handlers also participate in ongoing education to become more informed about pet therapy.  We take our training and education very seriously!

DSC04556 DSC04563 DSC04855 DSC04867+(2) DSC04870 DSC04877+(2) DSC04892+(2) DSC04895+(2)     DSC06464+(2) DSC06466+(2) DSC06467 DSC06473 DSC06481 DSC06483 DSC06486 DSC06491 DSC06492  DSC06495 DSC06502 DSC06510  DSC06512 DSC06519 DSC06520 DSC06522 DSC06527

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